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Categories: Blog, Marketing

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digital fatigue

Going without looking at our phones or a connected device is a struggle for most. In a Deloitte Insights survey, 40% of the respondents said they interact more with people through their devices than the physical world. Whether it’s an eye-catching reel, YouTube, TV Shows, Movies, emails, texts or something you’re looking up, our devices make finding answers and distractions easy. However, too much exposure can cause digital fatigue, making marketing on digital platforms more difficult.

digital fatigue

What is Digital Fatigue

Digital Fatigue is when individuals feel tired and burned out from the amount of screen time they have exposed themselves to. If you are feeling overly tired, less creative, sleep deprived or disconnected from those you are with, digital fatigue might be the cause. Psychology Today suggests being strategic about when we use our devices to help limit screen time so we can recharge and be present. Understanding Digital Fatigue, and how to avoid it, is vital when targeting your marketing contacts.

Digital Fatigue and Email Marketing

Marketers should manage the frequency and types of ad exposure target audiences experience. If you don’t put your name in front of them, you won’t be top-of-mind, but spamming them will quickly cause digital fatigue and these individuals will likely take measures to avoid the brand or leave poor reviews.

One of the most effective advertising is email marketing to customers and potential customers who subscribed to your email list or signed up for the company’s newsletter. These individuals have already expressed interest in the brand, making it easier to convert these leads into sales. That said, it is still necessary to proceed with caution.

Digital Fatigue

How to Avoid Marketing Fatigue

To avoid fatiguing your email list, you need to be strategic about the frequency and content of the emails. A welcome email is expected and can be highly effective, but a welcome email followed by daily or even weekly ads is overwhelming. Prioritize personalization and relevance to make the most of your email list and turn these individuals into loyal customers.

Personalize Your Emails

One way to personalize your email marketing is through segmentation, which is separating your email recipients by their common factors. Segmenting allows you to develop audience-led content that speaks to their specific concerns and interests.

Some of the common factors used to segment master subscriber lists include:

  • Online behavior
  • Psychographics
  • Demographics

Each provides insight into general behaviors, interests and hangups that these individuals might have. It also allows you to determine your high-value and lower-value customers.

Relevance to The Customer is Key

While segmenting your master list into smaller lists is a good starting point, you should also measure how well your subscribers respond to these emails and re-evaluate frequently.

Some metrics to monitor include:

  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue per recipient
  • Deliverability rate
  • Unsubscribe rate

Some tactics you could implement to engage your subscribers include:

  • Answering commonly asked questions
  • Strategic videos
  • Be genuine
  • Anticipate when customers need assistance
  • Send emails that aid rather than annoy

Having a Professional Run Your Email Campaign

Whether you have an in-house team or a marketing agency, having experienced professionals running your email campaigns will ensure your email marketing efforts are on point. These professionals can determine what is and isn’t working in a campaign and make adjustments so you don’t lose potential customers to digital fatigue.

If you are looking for professionals to help maximize your email marketing efforts, Avista PR can help. We offer email nurturing and lead activation as part of our demand-generation services.

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