What’s New with Website Design?

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As we kick off a fresh new year, brands everywhere are considering new tactics and refreshes to strengthen recognition and recall. Maybe your logo needs some work or the copy on your website is no longer applicable. There is no shame in updating your website or brand to ensure you’re making the most of what you have. To elevate your impact in 2022, consider ways in which your website or brand might need a facelift – it could be small changes, or a massive overhaul. Below we’ll discuss five new website design trends that you might want to implement, as well as some general website trends to consider. These trends span from visual elements, to actual website content changes. Minimalism Minimalistic designs are on the rise. This could include muted colors, fewer images, and a lot more neutral space on [...]

3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

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Traditionally, social media has been a place to connect with one another by sharing posts, photos, and videos. But today, social media is being utilized in a much wider scope. Now it’s increasingly a vehicle for customer service, customer advocacy, and community building. Consider these top three social media trends to watch in 2021 and how you can put them to work for you: Social Media for Customer Service No longer is social media a platform for just retail and product promotion, it is now a growing vehicle for customer service. Customers are increasingly using social media to get in touch with a brand for a direct way of communication. Brands have taken notice and social media is now fast becoming a significant customer service channel. But social media practitioners beware: customers must be dealt with in an appropriate manner, [...]