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Key Steps To Creating A Winning Press List

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Know your audience.  How many times have you heard that? It’s a rule followed by politicians, public speakers, stand-up comedians and of course expert marketers. The same rule applies to creating your press list. Your primary list should consist only of outlets and people who would be legitimately interested in writing about your organization and/or its products and services. If your company makes computer chips, there’s no point in bothering Newsweek magazine every time you announce a firmware update. You’re only going to be reaching out to general-interest publications when you have “real” news that might matter to a broad audience. So how do you find your “go-to” contacts for your primary list? Subscription-based PR database services There are a lot of wonderful web-based media database tools available to PR professionals, such as Cision, IT Database, Meltwater and Nasdaq’s MyMediaInfo to name [...]