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Marketing Strategies Gain Results

Put Your Goals Into Action and Track Results

Looking holistically at your business objectives, Avista builds the integrated marketing strategies that are laser focused on the programs that align to your goals. From content creation and thought leadership to brand building and social engagement, we deliver the visionary marketing techniques that drive results.

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Media Relations

At the core of our expertise, media relations creates the high-volume coverage that can give you immediate recognition and visibility in your market. With deep media contacts developed over 20 years in the industry, Avista can immediately connect you with the media gatekeepers that can help you tell your story to your target audience. Our programs have developed the messaging and brand personality that has secured volumes of client coverage in leading business press outlets including: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Smart Money, Investor’s Business Daily, US News & World Report, Kiplinger, and Washington Post; broadcast outlets including Bloomberg TV, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, Fox Business, Fox News and consumer outlets including AOL Daily Finance, Glamour, Real Simple, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Time, and USA Today.

Content Creation, Articles and Blogs

Avista is an expert at building robust content programs. Our content experts are former journalists with deep experience in developing engaging material that builds readership and attracts new audiences. We will also identify places where bylined articles and guest blogs should be appearing to drive thought leadership and organizational credibility while providing opportunities for you to speak out on key issues to your target audience. Article pitches are mindfully developed to underscore your distinct messages and to develop your experts a industry visionaries and leaders.

Social Media

Leverage free online social networking tools and position your brand as a leading force across all platforms. Avista will seek and solicit for guest blog posts, cross-linking, LinkedIn Group suggestion/monitoring, hot topics for microblogging, and more. As a social media visionary, Avista can establish the multi-dimensional social media strategy your company needs to build a loyal community of followers that grows every day.

Branding and Messaging

Avista is an expert at creating the brand positioning and distinctive messages that enable your company to stand out in the crowd. Branding campaigns start by developing a company message platform guide from which supporting marketing components are developed to assure brand consistency, message continuity and cohesive company story development.

Customer Case Studies and Reference Programs

Customers are among your best assets to gain greater visibility and industry validation of your products. At Avista we have a deep understanding of the diplomacy required to initiate and maintain relationships with these precious assets. Working closely with your sales organization, we cultivate the customer participation that leads to case studies, high-value feature stories, bylined articles, co-speaker engagements, and media and analyst references that reinforce your value proposition with prospective customers and partners.

Email/Direct Mail Campaigns

Avista writes and implements email and direct mail campaigns that help you rise above the noise. Featuring high-impact messaging and advanced email marketing technology, our e-mail and direct mail engagement campaigns generate rapid, quality sales leads for immediate return on investment.


Avista develops compelling email and printed newsletters to engage your sales targets and build your brand reputation. Newsletters will typically feature a range of how-to articles, engagement offers for upcoming webinars or events and can feature case studies, articles, press releases, product information and other industry-pertinent information to attract the leads that drive sales.

Whitepapers and eBooks

Avista develops the compelling whitepapers and eBooks that rapidly engage your target audiences. Whitepapers and eBooks are both are becoming a leading force in confirming thought leadership and are excellent lead generation assets. Our programs include a broad combination of writing, editing, designing and placing your content.

Advertising Plans

Avista can supercharge your lead generation programs with strategic print and online advertising plans that have direct ROI measures in place for performance-value analytics. We can negotiate rates with respective publications, request insertion orders, and deliver artwork for both online and print advertising opportunities. Avista can also monitor, analyze and recommend Google AdWord usage for the highest value and results.

Events, Webcasts and Online Seminars 

Avista can infuse your event programs for optimum attendance and return on investment. We will recommend key sponsorship and exhibition opportunities or recommend events that should be attended by company executives from a networking and sales perspective. Avista is also available to build event programs, including presentations and materials and can support event logistic and management efforts for custom client events.